The benefits of in-home care over a nursing home.

Determining the best care options for your aging loved one can often times be overwhelming. Many times families jump right into nursing home care just because it is the most commonly known way to provide care. Before you decide to place your family member in a nursing home, consider in-home care.

Here are four benefits of in-home care:

  1. Comfortable while maintaining independence. One fear our elderly loved one’s face is the potential threat of losing their independence and the disruption of their current lives. With in-home care, your family members are able to be in their own environment and our caregivers will be there to help them with the areas of need. Many seniors are much more willing to receive assistance inside a space that is comfortable for them.
  2. Companionship and personal care. Many seniors we assist enjoy it when their caregivers stop by. Not only are they being helped in the areas they need, but they find a friend in our caregivers too.
  3. Family involvement. One of our favorite benefits is not just for the aging loved one, but for their family. With in-home care, family members can receive personal updates from the caregiver on a regular basis. Whether it’s a photo of their recent excursion to play cards with their friends or an email with an update on how much Mom’s eating habits have improved her health, caregivers provide that necessary personal engagement that is welcomed by family members near or far.
  4. Cost effective. Nursing homes on average can cost anywhere from $4,500-$7,000 per month.   With in-home care you are able to keep your loved one safely in their home for as little as $1,500-$3,000 per month AND provide them with the comfort, companionship and family involvement.