Finding and Choosing an In-home Care Provider

Finding and Choosing an In-home Care Provider

Finding the most appropriate home care provider for your loved one will require preparation, effective research and some interviewing. We'll explore the options for home care services, insurance and cost analysis and the best ways to find quality care.

Before beginning your search for a provider, you should start to think about what services you will require the provider to perform. Based on your needs or the needs of a parent or other family member, you can begin to narrow your search down to the agencies, like Seniors helping Seniors that fit your needs.

Examining Your Home Care Needs

While the need to bring in outside assistance for your loved one may have been a result of procrastination, it could also be the result of an unexpected medical emergency, death of a loved one's spouse, or other life changing event. You, or someone very close to your loved one should spend some time with them to view first hand what tasks or activities of daily living they may require assistance with.

Geriatric care managers, discharge planners at hospitals and social workers are skilled at assessing needs. You can also use our home care test to get an idea of the level of services required.