Senior In-Home Help including Fitness Needs

Senior In-Home Help including Fitness Needs

Fitness Exercises for Senior In-home Care

Seniors need to stay active and there are many types of simple exercises they can do inside the home to be safe. Staying active promotes heart health, muscle strength, and improved balance. When it comes to completing exercises, they can be as simple or complex as tolerated.

Fitness & Exercise Brochure

If your seniors are new to the fitness scene, it is noteworthy to start small, as even a short walk can be beneficial. Recreational and senior centers are also great places to get active - they offer group classes, specialized training regimens, and direct assistance if wanted or needed.

Exercising for Seniors

Individuals generally exercise to see the number on the scale fall, pant sizes drop, and muscles grow. But at all ages, exercising should enhance the quality of life and in seniors, this is particularly true. It is important for this population to realize age is a quantifiable number and should not dictate exercise practices, as simple exercises can have a renowned effect on their health and reduce future conditions.